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1. Pt. Says someone making conspiracy obt me which delusion.... Perceutiion

2. Component lack in human milk... Vit D

3. Hepatitis spread through oro..fecal route.... Hep A

4. Which is not STD.... Hep A

5. Malaria is.... Protozoa

6. Bile salt accumulation causes... Pruritis

7. Protrombin time...6 se 12

8. Presuure in autoclave.... 15 Ib2

9. Population at block level...100 village 1 lack population

10. ASHA full form.... Accredited social health activist

11. ASHA not posted at.... Super special hospital

12. Deibetic ketoacidosis which electrolyte replace... Na

13. Which ion not given in impaired renal function.. K

14. Apgar is 9 means...Good

15. Which is wrong in glasgow coma scale... 6 Eye opening

16. 5 month old child can do. Sitting straight

17. Sign of sever dehydration... Sunken fonatanale

18. Frequent complication of peritonial dilysis.. Peritonitis

19. Dextrose in collected blood do...Preserve

20. Which vaccine store in refrigerator... TT

21. Max.infectiveity of mumps... Prodromal

22. Infectivity of chicknpox..2 weeks after appear

23. Decrease bone density called.... Osteoporosis

24. Sign of oseoarthritis.. Joint stiffness

25. Mysthenia gravis early symptoms.. Ptosis

26. Early sign of hypoglycemia .Diaphorosis

27. V P shunt malfunction Crying

28. Head injury alarming event... Ear bleeding

29. GBS charcterised by.. Motor paralysis

30. Terminaly ill of advance cancer nsg priority.. Pain

31. Frusemide..lasix action... Loop of Henley

32. Drug if choice in malignancy hypertension.. Nitro fruside

33. During Tonic clonic phase.nsg priority.. prevent injury

34. During eclampsia nsg immediate action... Airway

35. De cannulization means.. Tracheostomy

36. Enzyme immediatly present after MI.. Troponin

37. Objective data collected method except.. Interview

38. What to do if participant want to withdraw from research study.. Ethical v Withdrawal any time

39. HIV pt. Refuses to disclose his diagnosis with wife..what is nsg do.. Confidiansility

40. Pt. Feel chill and fever with in 10 min.of blood transfusion. After stop what is next. Nacl

41. Cervical dilatation 2 cm weak and 2 contraction in 10 min. It defines ..Not in active phase

42. Amniotomy enhance Effecement

43. Human pappiloma virus found in... cervical cancer

44. Infected bandage discard in which bag..yellow

45. Red colour urine drug... Rifampicin

46. Drug of choice for treat alcohol withdrawl symtoms Chlordizepoxide

47. Weak alcohol is mad by mixing...Isopropyl

48. Cons. NaoH is splitted on hand .what to do .... Tap water

49. Which is not given in anaphylaxis.. sallicylate

50. Epinephrine in not given in... Asthma

51. Early sign of post operative shock.. Pluses rate

52. How found haemorrhage after tonsillectomy.. frequent swelloing

53. Preferable DPT site in infant. Thigh

54. Z..tract method advantage... sheal 

55. Beti bachao beti padao started from.. Haryana

56. Pt say my behaviour wud in control remove restraint ..what nsg do.. Ask for Psychiatric

57. Alcoholic pt blame on family environment for drinking defence... Projection

58. O positive nt available which blood may giv. O negative

59. Gout accumulation... Uric acid

60. Bow leg. Wide wrist. Rickets

61 T cell mature in.. Thymus

62. Complet care one nurse to one pt called . Primary Nurse

63. Stock availablity under the... Inventory

64. Triage means.. short

65. Bitot spot due to.. Vit A

66. Position in sigmoidoscopy..knee chest

67. BSE position.. Hand above head

68. Normal planter reflex in adult. dorciflection

69. Allergy Immunoglobulin..IgE

70. Early sign of digoxin toxicity.. related to GI sign

71. Which is hypotonic solution... O.45 %

72. The choice of TURP solution for irrigation. Glycerol

73. Largest burn area accd to rule of nine.... face v trunk

74. In LAMA what nsg do. Doctor ki advice

75. How inguinal hernia check. Strain with bear dowen

76. UIT due to indwelking catheter which is infection type. iterogenic

77. Eye care steps from.. inner to outer

78 Rice water stool.... cholera

79.. Purulent Discharge.. Yel


  1. 12. Managing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in an intensive care unit during the first 24-48 hours always is advisable. When treating patients with DKA, the following points must be considered and closely monitored:

    a. Correction of fluid loss with intravenous fluids
    b. Correction of hyperglycemia with insulin
    c. Correction of electrolyte disturbances, particularly potassium loss
    d. Correction of acid-base balance
    e. Treatment of concurrent infection, if present

    So my Answer for 12th Question is POTASSIUM

  2. 19. Anticoagulant

    Anticoagulant solution

    1) Name: Anticoagulant Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine Solution (CPDA-1).

    Each 100ml CPDA-1 contains:
    Citric Acid (anhydrous) 0.299g
    Sodium Citrate (dihydrate) 2.63g
    Monobasic Sodium Phosphate (monohydrate) 0.222g
    Dextrose (monohydrate) 3.19g
    Adenine 0.0275g
    Water for injection to 100ml

    2) Name: Anticoagulant Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Solution (CPD).

    Each 100ml CPD contains:
    Citric Acid (anhydrous) 0.299g.
    Sodium Citrate (dihydrate) 2.63g.
    Monobasic Sodium Phosphate (monohydrate) 0.222g.
    Dextrose (monohydrate) 2.55g.
    Water for injection to 100ml

    3) Name: Anticoagulant Saline Adenine Glucose Mannitol Solution (SAGM).

    Each 100ml SAG-M contains:
    Sodium Chloride 0.877g.
    Adenine 0.0169g.
    Dextrose (monohydrate) 0.900g.
    Mannitol 0.525g.
    Water for injection to 100ml

  3. During tonic clonic seizure safe side of patient is priority

  4. 20 question is that which medicine is kept in fridger I.e measle

  5. Anisha Rana.. No its Tetnus Toxoid that is kept in fridger


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