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Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 12 with Answer

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 12 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam like AIIMS,JIPMER,PGIMER,GMCH,DSSSB,RRB,RUHS,BHU,AMU,SCTIMST,KPSC,RPSC,HPSSSB,HSSC,IGNOU ESIC and All other Staff nurse exam .you can download this question paper in pdf format link given at the end of paper.


Total Question -   50 Question with Answer

Q.1 To provide opportunities for education to the child or as the case may be, 
ward between the age of six and fourteen years is;-
A. Fundamental Right under Indian Constitution
B. Fundamental Duty under Indian Constitution
C. Directive Principles of state Policy Under Indian Constitution
D. Legal Right under Indian Constitution

Q. 2. The commonest cause of death in women with cancer cervix is -
A. Septicemia
B. Renal failure
C. Hemorrhage
D. Cachexia

Q.3 The nurse evaluates the adequacy of the neonates oxygen by monitoring -
A. Cynanosis of hand and feet
B. Pulse rate continuously
C. Arterial blood gas
D. The percentage of oxygen received

Q.4 A nurse perform the assessment of patient posted for 
cesarean section delivery. Which assessment would indicate the 
need to contact the doctor;-
A. Hemoglobin of 11gm
B. Fetal heart rate 180 beats/min
C. Maternal pulse of 84 beats/min
D. White blood cells of 12.000/mm3

Q.5  An autoclave is used for-
A. Dry heat sterilization
B. Moist heat sterilization
C. Chemical sterilization
D. Gaseous sterilization

Q.6 For an operation OT nurse should prepare :-
A. Dressing trolley
B. Emergency trolley
C. Mayo trolley
D. Washing trolley

Q.7 Knee elbow position is used for _
A. Lumbar laminectomy
B. Hamerroidectomy
C. Hystrectomy
D. Cholecystectomy

Q.8 Green Armytage forceps is used to arrest bleeding in-
A. Hystrectomy
B. Ovariotomy
C. Cesarean section
D. Myomectomy

Q.9 Which forceps are non traumatic -
A. Allis forceps
B. Kocher’s forceps
C. Tooth thumb forceps
D. Babcock’s forceps

Q.10 Tuohy’s needle is used for -
A. Spinal anesthesia
B. Epidural anesthesia
C. Local anesthesia
D. Nerve block

Q.11 Drug used in infiltrating anesthesia -
A. 2% Lignocaine
B. 5% Lignocaine
C. 4% Lignocaine
D. None of these

Q.12 During cutting the tissue, bleeding points are caught with the help of :-
A. Artery forceps
B. Allis’ forceps
C. Lane’s forceps
D. Babcock’s forceps

Q.13 The major role in maintaining fluid balance in the body is performed by ;-
A. Liver
B. Heart
C. Lungs
D. kidneys

Q.14 A test that should be included in the yearly physical examination of men
 during the late middle and older adult years is :-
C. Western blot
D. Serum Triglycerides

Q.15 For mother receiving magnesium sulphate for symptoms 
of hypomagniesimia an important sign for the nurse to note first is -
A. Cool skin temperature
B. Rapid pulse rate
C. Tingling in the toes
D. Decreased deep tendon reflex

Q.16 What is the nurse’s responsibility in an unusual situation when 
she administers wrong medicine orally  -

A. Keep it secret
B. Inform the sister in charge next day
C. Ask the patient to vomit it out immediately and inform the doctor
D. Write it in the report book

Q.17 Which of the following clinical feature alert the nurse to lithium toxicity -
A. Increased agitated behavior

B. Marked increased food intake
C. Sudden increase in blood pressure
D. Anorexia with nausea and vomiting

Q.18 which of the following health care activity in secondary prevention?
A.  Immunization of children
B. Advice on safe sex practice to Adolescents

C. Giving medications to patients in the ward.
D. Screening for lipid disorders in adults

Q.19 which is the Highest level of Need in ' Maslow 's Hierarchy of basic Human needs.?
A. self Esteem
B. Safety and security
C. self sacrifice
D. self - actualization.

Q.20 An Inturn orders intravenous morphine for a case of head injury. knowing 
that morphine may be harmful in the case, the nurse does not administer the injection
 but asks for confirmation from the senior Doctor. she has followed the bioethics principle of _
A. Sincerity
B. Non - maleficence.
C. Autonomy
D. Fidelity

Q.21 In trying to Relieve the pain of a patient, the Nursing sister asks him to identify a really happy scene, he has experienced. This is called -
A. Guided imagery.
B. Relaxation therapy
C. Hypnosis
D. Transcentlenta Maliation

Q.22 On seeing an elderly lady misplace her spectacles a nurse tells her colleague " All old people are forgetful. " Her comment is a form of _
A. Eulogy
B. Denial
C. Racism
D. stereotyping.

Q.23 A 75 Year's old Unconscious Patient bring in Emergency. The Patient's Head CT  Scan Report and "CSF Examination is Normal. but the patient have Diagnosis of 'Left Lung Pneumonia '. In this Clinical situation which of the following principle is Highlights.  ?
A. CSF is Normal in Unconscious patients
B. If CT of head is Normal, CSF will also Normal
C. Unconsciousness is common in Pneumonia.
D. Presentation of disease is typical in elderly

Q.24 Which of The following statement is True About " Auscultation of the chest ".  ?
A. Rhonchi are common over a pleural effusion
B. Rhonchi are characteristics of heart failure
C. Crepitations are characteristics of pleural effusion
D. Crepitations are common in heart failure.

Q.25 A patient is Admitted with acute myocardial infarction on 20th June at 8:00 am. His condition improves on 22nd June and he is discharged on 25th June. The Discharge planning begins on __
A. 20th June
B. 22nd June.
C. 24th June
D. 25th June

Q.26 " Clubbing of the Nails " Finding is found in which of the following disease conditions  ?
A. Vitamin B12 deficiency
B. Iron deficiency Anemia
C. Cyanotic Heart disease.
D. Rheumatic heart disease

Q.27 A Nurse is caring a patient diagnosis of Seasonal Influenza.  the patient had to send Radiology department for CT Scan. According to Nurse which statement is True.    ?
A. The patient does not need to wear a mask during transport
B. The patient must wear a N-95 mask during transport
C. The patient must not be transported out of the ward
D. The patient must wear a surgical mask during transport.

Q.28 What is Use of "HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)  Filters"  ?
A. Oxygen delivery in invasive ventilation
B. Preventing air Bubbles in blood transfusion

C.Preventing airborne transmission of tuberculosis.
D. Administering nebulized bronchodilators’

Q.29 A 60 kg patient is to be given intravenous Nitroglycerin (NTG) at the rate of 10 micrograms per minute. A 50 ml syringe contain 25 milligrams of NTG. The rate of syringe infusion pump will be set at __
A. 2.4ml/hr
B. 0.12ml/hr.
C. 1.8ml/hr
D. 0.6ml/hr

Q.30 which of the following "oxygen delivery system" provide Maximum concentration of oxygen to a patient.  ?
A. Nasal cannula
B. Venturi mask.
C. Non- re-breather mask
D. Partial - re-breather mask

Q.31 A drain that is used for drainage of bile after an open cholecystectomy is __
A. Penrose
B. T- tube.
C. Hemovac
D. Jackson Pratt

Q.32 Mrs. Madhu is on oral anticoagulant (warfarin)  for the prevention of pulmonary embolism. The blood test for monitoring the dose of warfarin is __
A. D- dimer
B. Partial Thromboplastin time (PTT)

C. International Normalized Ratio (INR).
D. Clotting time (CT)

Q.33 The dressing material product that is NOT recommended for use in infected wound is __
A. Alginate
B. Collagen
C. Hydrocolloid.
D. Hydrogel

Q.34 Which Term is Use for Physical Activity done by a patient during Activity of daily living (ADL)___?
A. Isotonic Exercise
B. Isometric Exercise
C. Isokinetic Exercise
D. Endurance Exercise.

Q.35 Which is the used of "Z - Track technique"  of Intramuscular injection __?
A.  To Reduce pain
B. To  prevent backward leakage of the medication.
C. To Avoid puncturing a blood vessels
D. To allow the drug to be spread over a large area of tissue

Q.36 Alpha cells of pancreas secretes  

A. Insulin 
B. Somatostatin
C. Somatotropin
D. Glucagon

Q.37 Platelets get activated when they come in contact with

A. Heparin  
B. Collagen
C. Fibrinogen
D. Endothelium

Q.38A disease condition caused by bacteria and characterized by fluid filled alveoli and inflammation is-
B. Amyloidosis
D. Pneumonia

Q.39 Social structure of a society is a network of-
A. Institutional relations  
B. Value system
C. Traditions
D. Compliance to norms

Q.40 ECG changes seen in hypocalcemia are
A. Widened QT interval
B. prominent U wave
C. Widened T wave
D. Shortened QT interval

Q.41 Which of the following food item is low in potassium
A. Apple
B. Carrots
C. Spinach
D. Pear

Q.42 Features of ' Kussmaul ' respiration are-
A. Respirations ceases for more than 20 seconds
B. Regular but abnormally slow respiration
C. Laboured respiration with increased rate
D. Abnormally deep, regular with increased respiration

Q.43 Material required for applying pressure at the I/V site is
A. Alcohol swab
B. Betadine swab
C. Sterile swab
D. Adhesive bandage

Q.44 Effect of platelet transfusion is checked by-
A. Increased hematocrit level
B. Increased hemoglobin level
C. Reduced oozing of blood from puncture site
D. Reduced body temperature

Q.45Maneuver used to relieve the upper airway obstruction is
A. Valsalva
B. Heimlich
C. Leopord
D. Military

Q.46 The signs of pulmonary embolism are all EXCEPT
A. Dyspnoea
B. Rise in blood pressure
C. Cynosis
D. Tachycardia

Q.47 Donation of patient's own blood prior to his scheduled surgery is
A. Autologous
B. Homologous
C. Monologous
D. Hetrologous

Q.48Chest tube drainage helps in relieving the symptoms of patient with pneumothorax by maintaining
A. Negative pressure in pleural cavity
B. Positive pressure in pleural cavity
C. Zero pressure in pleural cavity
D. Square positive pressure in pleural cavity

Q. 49 An acute condition characterized by diminished production and increased destruction of RBC, triggered by viral infection or folic acid deficiency is-
A. Adrenal crisis
B. Aplastic crisis
C. Vaso­occlusive crisis
D. Splenic crisis

Q. 50 Features of brain stem being affected during the surgical removal of brain tumor is
A. Inability to swallow
B. Elevated temperature
C. Altered hearing ability
D. orthostatic hypotension

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