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Download AIIMS Bhopal Nursing Officer Gr- I Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download AIIMS Bhopal Nursing Officer Gr- I Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download AIIMS Bhopal Nursing Officer Gr-I Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF  . AIIMS Bhopal Conduct Staff Nurse Gr- I Exam 0n 22 May 2018 in 2018  . Now You Can Download this Question Paper PDF from Our Website . Download Link are given below
                                [QUESTION PAPER IS BASED ON MEMORY ]

Hello Dear Nursing Student. Are you Preparing for competitive Nursing Exam Like AIIMS PGIMER JIPMER DSSSB RAILWAY ESIC AND MANY MORE. And Wants To Download Previous Year Staff Nurse Grade II Recruitment QUESTIONS PAPERS PDF For Reading and Improve You Competitive Examination Questions. We Know That Every Nursing Student who prepare himself for competitive nursing exam. He/she wantTo Download Previous Year Staff Nurse Grade II Recruitment QUESTIONS PAPERS PDF For Reading and prepare Questions For Competitive Nursing Exam. Every Nursing Student Who Completed You Nursing.. He/she Wants to Get A Good Government Job Imidiately. If You Have Prepare For Competitive Nursing Exam LIKE AIIMS PGIMER JIPMER DSSSB RAILWAY ESIC etc. You Need To Review You All Nursing Subject Completely. And Continue You Study. When You Preparing For Any Competitive Examination You Need to Know About there Syllabus, Exam Pattern, selection process and more about Hiring Authority. 

Download AIIMS Bhopal Nursing Officer Gr- I Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

NOTE- This Question Paper is Based on Memory not a real Question Paper . So Same Question Answer and Option are missing or Not Available. is not responsible for any missing or Incorrect or Incomplete Questions Answer .


All Question are Memory Based and gets from various social media.some question option may available some not. 

Download AIIMS Bhopal Nursing Officer Gr- I Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Q.01 Which is not enters into the diaphragm-
A. Trachea
B. Esophagus
C. Aorta

Q.02 IVC opens into-
A. R.A
B. L.A
C. R.V
D. L.V

Q.03 In OCD which neurotransmitter is releases-.
A. Epinephrine
B. Serotonin
C. Acetylcholine
D. Dopamine

Q.04 Injury between bone joint and tissue cartilage junction-
A. Sprain
B. Strain
C. Soft tissue injury
D. Fracture
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Q.05 In trauma primary nursing interventions-
A. Airway
B. Bleeding
C. Spine role out
D. Fracture

Q.06 Cause of nosocomial pneumonia-
A. Endotracheal TUBATION
B. Nasopharyngeal Intubation
C. Mouth secretion swallowing

Q.07 Reed Sternberg cell is indicator of-
A. Hodgkin
B. Non-Hodgkin

Q.08 A 2 days old child admitted in hospital with anorectal malformations surgery.
Nursing interventions-
A. Finger dilation
B. Input output check

Q.09 MAOI is contraindicated in-
A. Drinking alcohol and aged cheese
B. Sun light exposure

Q.10 Intra-muscular injection site in adult-
A. Ventral gluteus
B. Dorsal gluteus

Q.11 Breech presentation inward padding maneuver-
Answer- Ritgen maneuver

Q.12 A mother says that her child to eat food but the says "no." This is indicated as –
Answer- Negativism

Q.13 A person run away from home and he made a new identity and forget prior
identity, This is called
Answer - Dissociative fugue

Q.14 Fluid accumulation in head of new born is called as-
Answer - caput succedaneum

Q.15 After amputation of lower limb the patient says that he is feeling pain in
amputated part-
Answer - Ghost pain

Q.16 Digoxin is –
Answer- cardiac glycosides

Q.17 Zona glomerulosclerosis secrets-
Answer -Aldosterone

Q.18 Wound is scraped out –
Answer- laceration

Q.19 Bleuer 4A except-
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Q.20 Hospital acquired infection is also known as-
Answer - Nosocomial infections

Q.21 Descent rectal wall through posterior vaginal wall-.
Answer- Enterocele

Q.22 Example of objective data-
Answer- Discoloration of skin

Q.23 Urination at night-
Answer- Nocturia

Q.24 DPT vaccine is given in children-
Answer- Vastus laterals

Q.25 Softening of the cervix is-
Answer- Goodell’s sign

Q.26 Outer layer of bone-
Answer- periosteumQ.

Q.27 Nephrotic syndrome indication –
Answer- Increased output
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Q.28 Which type of hepatitis is spread through blood and it's contamination-
Answer- Hepatitis-C

Q.29 Which is not reduce the brain edema –
Answer- Dextrose infusion

Q.30 Keep promise-
Answer- Fidelity

Q.31 Previous drug reaction –
Answer- Drug intolerance

Q.32 Ratio in ICUAnswer-

Q.33 CPR ratio in child with Single rescuer-
Answer- 30:2

Q.34 Yellow colour bag is used in-
Answer- skin and body part

Q.35 Normal GFRAnswer-
125 ml/min

Q.36 Cephalosporin act as a –
Answer- cell wall synthesis

Q.37 Tuberculosis indication-
Answer - 10 mm or more induration

Q.38 PH-. 7.20, PACO2 -. 21, PAO2- 92%, HCO3- 8
Answer - Metabolic acidosis

Q.39 A nurse is assessing a pt. With sterile equipment. Suddenly Sterile equipment
fall down .
Nurse will do than Bring another sterile equipment and continue the procedure

Q.40 Erikson developmental theory of toddler

Q.41 Antidote of iron

Q.42 Antidote of mgso4

Q.43 Antidote of atropine

Q.44 First fetal movement felt by mother is called

Q.45 One iron tablet consist of how many gram/micrograms

Q.46 Who is offers bravery award to the children

Q.47 2nd stage of grief counseling

Q.48 Outward of uterus is called

Q.49 Initial sign of abruptio placenta

Q.50 Weight of placenta at term

Q.51 Which type of hepatitis water and feco-oral route-
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Q.52 Birth certificate registration duration

Q.53 Test for NTD

Q.54 Why MGSO4 is used in pre-eclampsia-

Q.55 Insertion of medicine in ear is called as-

Q.56 Projectile vomiting is symptoms of-

Q.57 In ruptured ectopic pregnancy which method is used primarily

Q.58 Synonyms of radiant

Q.59 National financial reporting authority function

Q.60 Asthma PT. Primary nursing interventions-

Q.61 Hydramnios in diabetic mother cause
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Q.62 Holistic concept of health

Q.63 Fluorouracil is-
Answer- Anti-metabolite

Q.64 Index to find out contraception effectiveness-

Q.65 Alveoli lining of lung is formed of which tissue

Q.66 Autocratic leadership-

Q.67 False labour pain indication-

Q.68 Who are eligible to donate the organ and tissue after death.

Q.69 Ms Excel formula=NOW

Q.70 A patient is admitted with water seal drainage system. Suddenly tube is
dislodged. Primary nursing intervention-

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