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Download AIIMS Raebareli Nursing Officer Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download AIIMS Raebareli Nursing Officer Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download AIIMS Raebareli Nursing Officer Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF  . AIIMS Raebareli Conduct Staff Nurse  Exam 0n 30 April 2018 in 2018  . Now You Can Download this Question Paper PDF from Our Website . Download Link are given below

                                [QUESTION PAPER IS BASED ON MEMORY ]

Hello Dear Nursing Student. Are you Preparing for competitive Nursing Exam Like AIIMS PGIMER JIPMER DSSSB RAILWAY ESIC AND MANY MORE. And Wants To Download Previous Year Staff Nurse Grade II Recruitment QUESTIONS PAPERS PDF For Reading and Improve You Competitive Examination Questions. We Know That Every Nursing Student who prepare himself for competitive nursing exam. He/she wantTo Download Previous Year Staff Nurse Grade II Recruitment QUESTIONS PAPERS PDF For Reading and prepare Questions For Competitive Nursing Exam. Every Nursing Student Who Completed You Nursing.. He/she Wants to Get A Good Government Job Imidiately. If You Have Prepare For Competitive Nursing Exam LIKE AIIMS PGIMER JIPMER DSSSB RAILWAY ESIC etc. You Need To Review You All Nursing Subject Completely. And Continue You Study. When You Preparing For Any Competitive Examination You Need to Know About there Syllabus, Exam Pattern, selection process and more about Hiring Authority. 

➧Download AIIMS Raebareli Nursing Officer Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

NOTE- This Question Paper is Based on Memory not a real Question Paper . So Same Question and Option are missing or Not Available. is not responsible for any missing or Incorrect or Incomplete Questions Answer 


All Question are Memory Based and gets from various social media.some question option may available some not

➧Download AIIMS Raebareli Nursing Officer Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Q.1. If A child loss his 10 kg weight and current weight is 22 kg than category of Malnutrition.?

Q.2.Which of the following is an example of Delusion of Reference?

Q3.2 year old child mile stone?

Q.4.Highest need according to Maslow’s hierarchy ?

Q.5 Which type of hallucinations are seen in severe depression?

Q.6. A 5 year child play type?

Q.7.Which clinical findings are seen In PIH seen Except?
A. Low platelet
B. Uric acid
C. Sodium level

Q.8.Insulin withdraw technique??long and short acting.

Q9. Play with.... 6 month old infant?

Q.10 BEST time to Folic acid start for prevention of NTD.?

Q.11.Agranulocytosis means.?

Q.12.SSRI is included in which type of Drug?

Q.13.NG tube insertion technique.?

Q.14.Meningitis discharge child from hospital than what response by parents suggest understanding about care??

Q.15.Cast on wrist than assess??

Q.16.if Iv line running on bassilic vein than which site is best to take sample for electrolytes check.??

Q.17. Dose of Anti D injection in a Rh-negative mother after delivery?

Q.18.After pneumonectomy which position is used during post operative period?

Q.19.After tonsillectomy which findings suggest bleeding?

Q.20.Degeneration of trophoblast layer form?

Q.21.HCG hormone secrete from which gland?

Q.22. Which technique is used to ear drop instillation for h 4 year child??

Q.23. Which organ enlarge in asymmetrical enlargement of IUGR??

Q.24. For parental nutrition administration of protein than which site follow?

Q.25.Which vitamin administration is advised in a patient of pancreatitis after discharge from hospital?

Q.26. Which diet is given following Removal of NG tube?

Q.27. A cast is applied on Right Arm, during assessment are feel warm, it suggest?

Q.28.In diabetes child nail cutting related............?

Q.29.laryngeal cancer.

Q.30 high pitched sound.

Q.31.In Radiation Therapy patient develops dermatitis, which nursing should be perform by Nurse?

Q.32.position change of patient technique nurse follow........?


Q.34. Which congenital heart disease are NOT seen in TOF?

Q.35. Placental circulation starts as early as?

Q.36. Temperature of Fresh frozen Plasma for storage?

Q.37 Question about GTD.......with brief detail.

Q.38.hegar sign appear at as early as?

Q.39.cimetidine is a ?

Q.40.primary Nurse Related Question

Q.41. Blood transfusion for HBV screening we should check out??

Q.42. Cystic fibrosis is a disorder of?
Ans- exocrine multisystem disorder.

Q.43. Season behind infection in a patient with malnutrition?

Q.44. Klinefelter syndrome otherwise known as?
Ans- 44+xxy.

Q.45. In Viral infection lymphocyte......increased.

Q.46.Injection RL is contraindicated in ?
Ans- Lactic acidosis

Q.47.Hyperkalemia prepare for next intervention....?

Q.48.Role of Albumin ?
Ans- maintain oncotic pressure.

Q.49.pulmonary embolism related

Q.50. In Moderate hypothermia the nurse assess axillary temperature of a child, reading will?

Q.51.correct statement about Braxton hicks contraction?

Q.52. Weight loss and regain of borth weight...

Q.53. Which statement describe Delusion of persecution?
(Ans- want to kill him)

Q.54. To prevent outer rotation of lower extremities which device used?

Q.55. PDA consequences except?

Q.56. Suction should be done first in a Newborn?

Q.57. Which anemia occurs due to deficiency of Vitamin B6?

Q.58. Folic acid start for pregnant women.

Q.59. ABG analysis ph 7.50,
Pa02-67 , PC02-29?

Q.60. Cervical traction.

Q.61. Blood transfusion rate during first 15 min?

Q.62. Normal respiratory rate of a term Newborn?

Q.63. Which nursing action taken during bladder laceration? for a patient with Nephrotic syndrome?

Q.65. Symptoms of a post mature baby?

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