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Download NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download AIIMS Bhopal Nursing Officer Gr-I Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF  . AIIMS Bhopal Conduct Staff Nurse Gr- I Exam 0n 22 May 2018 in 2018  . Now You Can Download this Question Paper PDF from Our Website . Download Link are given below
                                [QUESTION PAPER IS BASED ON MEMORY ]

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Download NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

NOTE- This Question Paper is Based on Memory not a real Question Paper . So Same Question Answer and Option are missing or Not Available. is not responsible for any missing or Incorrect or Incomplete Questions Answer .


All Question are Memory Based and gets from various social media.some question option may available some not. 

Download NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam 2018 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Q.01. Causes of dysmenorrhea?
A. Myoma
B. Endometriosis
C. Choriocarcinoma
D. Hydatiform mole

Q.02. luteal phase defect or absent of progesterone can lead to?
A. Abortion
B. Early pregnancy bleeding
C. Molar pregnancy

Q.03. Drug used in major depression of a child 10 year old.?
A. Fluoxetine
B. Haloperidol
C. Risperidone
D. Chlorpromazine
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Q.04. Rapid cycler depression, the episode seen is?
A. 1 or more cycle in a year
B. 2 or more cycle in a year
C. 3-4 cycle in a year
D. More than 4 cycles in a year

Q.05. Ratio of pulse and cereals in Mid-day meal program
A. 3:1 or 5:1
B. 5:2 or 5:1
C. 4:1 or 1:4

Q.06. Physiological jaundice occur in after?
A. 20-30 hrs.
B. 30-70 hrs.
C. 40-80 hrs.
D. 80-120 hrs.

Q.07. Heart rate of new born is.?
A. 140-160
B. 120-140
C. 100-120
D. 80-100

Q.08. Prophylactic level of lithium is?
A. 0.5 to 1.2
B. 0.7 to 1.2
C. 1 to 1.5
D. 1.5 to 2

Q.09. Neonate age of (40 week) iron supplement as early as ?
A. 6 Week
B. 4 Month
C. 6 Month
D. 8 Month

Q.10. Protein supplement of a 10 year old child?
A. 32 gm
B. 30 gm
C. 34 gm
D. 35 gm

Q.11. Tic disorder is also known as?
A. Pica
B. Habit spasm
C. Dyslalia
D. Diaphasia

Q.12. Treatment of sickle cell crisis?
A. Blood transfusion or iron therapy
B. Oxygen or analgesic
C. Rest or heparin

Q.13. Occupational health nurse role according to ergonomic principle.
A. Health educator
B. Health care provider
C. Health coordinator
D. Environmental health

Q.14. Measles complication encephalitis is seen in.
A. 1:10000
B. 1:100
C. 1: 1000
D. 1: 100000

Q.15. Formative evaluation is a type of ?
A. Internal evaluation
B. Diagnostic evaluation
C. External evaluation
D. Clarify evaluation

Q.16. 1500 gm labor are death in born time
A. Abortion
B. Neonatal mortality
C. Infant morality
D. Perinatal

Q.17. Most of Indian medicine-
A. Siddha
B. Unani
C. Acupuncture
D. Homeopathy

Q.18. In brain injury polyurea, and decrease specific gravidity
A. DM Type-1
B. DM Type-2
C. Addition’s Disease
D. Diabetes Insipidus

Q.19. Autonomic dysreflexia caused by?
A. Neurogenic shock
B. Noxious stimuli
C. Lumbosacral injury

Q.20. Coagulation necrosis seen in

Q.21. In Type 1st hypersensitivity release of which gamma globin
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Q.22. Snow storm appearance seen in which condition?

Q.23. SIADH in cancer, cause?

Q.24. Benedict test is use for detection of.......?

Q.25. Drug of choice in eclampsia...??

Q.26. Most common site for IM injection in adults..??

Q.27. Total lung capacity?

Q.28. Tuberculin test read out after.......hours

Q.29. Most common symptoms in Asthma.?

Q.30. Term use for Removal of uterus...?

Q.31. Height of the new born

Q.32. How much time is necessary for come out placenta after delivery...??

Q.33. In lumber puncture needle insertion between...... to......?

Q.34. Most common cause of UTI.?

Q.35. A table spoon is equal

Q.36. Most common fracture in children...??

Q.37. Position use in pelvic surgery...??

Q.38. loss of personal identity known as.?

Q.39. Paralysis of both lower limb known as.?

Q.40. Giving IM injection in infants site is.?

Q.41. Infectious mononucleosis is caused by

Q.42. How many villages at Block level
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Q.43. Normal heart ‘rate of newborn

Q.44. Defense mechanism is used in

Q.45. Indication of ECT

Q.46. Calcium requirement during lactation period-

Q.47. Drug used to treat trigeminal neuralgia-

Q.48. Cranial nerve which responsible for Pupil's reaction is-

Q.49. Multiple sclerosis is occurs due to -

Q.50. Tried symptoms of Parkinson disease

Q.51. IOP Measured by -

Q.52. Romberg test positive indicates -

Q.53. Ossender sign -

Q.54. Baby born dead weight with 1200gm is termed as-

Q.55. Main symptoms seen with Anorexia Nervosa-

Q.56. Obsession is due to -

Q.57. Postnatal mother visit for Postnatal urine test the urine test is done to identify

Q.58. Soccer shaped abdomen is seen -

Q.59. Sodium retention during pregnancy is due to-

Q.60. Tried symptoms of Meiners disease-

Q.61. Loss of vision on half of right of the both eyes is termed as-

Q.62. Client uses unrecognized speech in which their is no meaning is termed as-

Q.63. Barrier of communication is -

Q.64. Doing harmful to the patient with no proper care is termed as-

Q.65. How much dose of Anti D RhoGAM is given after delivery of baby with rh -ve

Q.66. Primary care of nursing in client with 30℅ lower extremity Burns -

Q.67. Effectiveness of mannitol is evaluated by -

Q.68. Primary symptoms of Increased intra cranial pressure-
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Q.69. Fallowing the symptoms seen in Glaucoma

Q.70. Myasthenia gravis occurs due to deficiency which neurotransmitter

Q.71. learning ability and memory is related which lobes

Q.72. Injury to the brain stem nurses mainly keeps obvers on

Q.73. Post-operative observation of nurses for client with liver biopsy

Q.74. Which of the fallowing assessment would nurse do to Clint with cardiac

Q.75. The medication used to prevent CVA is

Q.76. Cognitive theory is developed by

Q.77. Position used for pregnant woman in first ‘stage of labor is -

Q.78. Nurses is suspects about which of the fallowing condition is Contra indication
for Lumbar puncture

Q.79. Client with neurogenic bladder the nurse advise for Client is -

Q.80. Client with Sub arachnoid hemorrhage asses for -

Q.81. The principal symptoms of schizophrenia is -

Q.82. Opportunistic infection in client with HIV is occurs due to -

Q.83. Client with sickle cell crisis' primary management is

Q.84. Down syndrome is due to trisomy of -

Q.85. Client with SDH and voided urine 18-20 liters per day is due to

Q.86. Type 1 hypersensitivity reactions is due to

Q.87. Tuberculin skin test result is seen after hoe many hours

Q.88. After home delivery the nurse advice to mothers regarding

Q.89. Iron supplement should be started in infant with age of-

Q.90. Enema volume used for infant is

Q.91. Refractive error in which object form in behind of retina is termed as -

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