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AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Officer Exam October 2017 Question Paper

AIIMS Rishikesh Nursing Officer Exam October 2017 Question Paper - 

                                                     (MEMORY BASED )

Are You waiting for AIIMS RISHIKESH  STAFF NURSE RECRUITMENT EXAM OCT.2017 QUESTIONS Staff Nurse Recruitment Examination Held on 28 oct. 2017 Questions Papers PDF. Now we have Upload This Question Papers PDF For Your Download on our website here. You can Download Now this question paper From this page please go to end of this page and click Download link to download Complete questions papers PDF Now (AS S00N AS)

Held on October 28, 2017

( This Question Paper is on Memory Based so same Question and their Option are Missing )some options may changes also.

Q. 1. Which state has lowest density of nurses?
     A. Kerala
     B. Bihar
    C. Assam
    D. Tripura              

Q. 2: Demonetization date of Rs 1000 &  500 currency nots ?
        A .8/11/2016
        B. 8/10/2016
        C. 10/8/2016
        D. 11/09/2016

Q. 3: Who is the current reserve bank Governor?
      A Raghuram Rajan
      B. Urjit Patel      

      C. Y.V. Reddy
      D. C. Rangarajan

Q. 4. inauguration of .AIIMS bilaspur( himachal pradesh) on??
    A.2nd Oct 2017
    B.3rd Oct 2017
    C.23 Oct 2017
    D. 09 Oct 2017

Q. 5. 4 years Bsc. Nursing Course started in which year in India?

Q.6. LMP is 15/01/ 2017,what is Expected date of Delivery?
    B.July 28,2017           
    C.July 27,2017
    D. Oct 22,2017

Q. 6. Rail minister of India?
    A. Suresh Parbhu
    B.Piyush Goyal.

Q. 7.What is the simple interest rate of RS 750 if increased to 900 in 5 years ??
     A. 4%
     B. 2%
     C .8%
Q.8. Nerve supplied in extraoccular muscles,
    1. 2nd
    2. 3rd
    4. 5th                 
    5. 6th
A. 3,5,6
B. 3,4,7
C. 3.4.6
D. 3,4,6,7

Q:9. What to do after NG tube insertion in a patient with the total gastrectomy?
    A. Friquent  suctioning with NS
    B. frequent suctioning with water.

    C. not immediate suctioning should be performed
    D. immediate suctioning must be performed

Q.10. A baby admitted in hospital who was born with a birth weight of 3.7 kg for GDM mother ,what is the immediate complication in newborn.??
    A. hypoglycemia
    B. hyperglycemia
    C. hypovolemia
    D. hypocalicumia

Q.11. The nurse cares for patient with leukemia. the patient tells that he having dragging abdominal pain, the nurse understand that the abdominal pain is due to??
     A. Side effect of drugs
    B.Intra abdominal bleeding
   D. Persistent vomiting.

Q. 12. The nurse receives an ABG report as pH-7.35,pCO2- 62 mmhg ,HCO3-28mEq/L,which of the following interpretation she will record??
    A. compensated metabolic acidosis
    B. compensated metabolic alkalosis
    C. compensated respiratory acidosis

    D. compensated respiratory alkalosis

Q: 13. While performing peritoneal dialysis which is the best indicator that it is performed as decide?
    A. to check the specific gravity
    B. to check the weight.
    C.  to check  creatinine value
    D. Check  urine specific gravity.

Q.14. Which of the following signs are arises in a patient with esophageal atresia, SELECT ALL THAT APPLY??
    A. coughing
    B. Chocking
    C. Cyanosis

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Q. 15. IV RL is giving to a patient at a rate of 30 ml /hr,total urine output of this patient is 2500ml in 24 hrs,calculate actual urine output of this patient??
A. 720ML
B. 2500 ML
C. 1780 ML    

Q.16.Which state called the heart of india?


    B. Madhypradesh

    C. Utter Pradesh

Q.17. Most common type of Anemia in Pregnancy ?

    A.Iron deficiency anemia

    B. Megaloblastic

    C. Pernicious anemia.

 Q.18. Why a drainage tube is kept for a patient after post operative surgery?
    A. to do to help the bacteria to escape from the site.
    B. to give a decade space for reconstructive surgery later.
    C. to drain....

Q.19.During night shift a nurse forgot to give an injection at 2 a.m due to sleep, what is this called
A Negligence

Q. 20.Which position is used during during abdominal examination ?
A. Supine position
B. Sims Position

Q.21. If patient"s blood pressure is 83/50 calculate mean arterial blood pressure?
   pulse pressure=83-50=33mmhg
   MAP= 50+1/3*33= 61 mmHg

Q.22.Nurses day theam of 2017?
    A voice to lead - achieving the sustainable development goalos.

Q. 23. Diagonal conjugate measurement..

Q.24. venacaval syndrome.................

Q.25. A Nurse is caring for a patient with laryngiotomy ,  what is the priority nursing action ?
A. Suctioning 

Q. 26. Cardiac marker in Myocardial infraction?

Q 27. Normal CVP?
        Ans. 0-8 mmHg

Q.28. Best location for BONE MARROW BIOPSY in infants?
        Iliac crest

Q.29. Injection Methargin is given to patient to treat PPH, which nursing intervention is appropriate for this patient??
       blood pressure.
Q.30. In CPR, Manual breathing is given in each ____?

         Ans . 6-8 seconds

Q. 31.Sequence oF CPR in an infant??
       Compression -Airway -Breathing 

Q.32. Full form of NRSI?
       Nursing research society of india.

Q.33. IF 5ml of 20 % ethanol and 25 ml of 80%  are mixed together then much percentage is there in 30 ml of the solution??.

       70%  ethanol       

Q.34.A man jogging at a speed of 6 km per hour from his house to play ground and at a speed of 4 kilometre per hour from playground to house working so what is his average speed of this man?

Q.35. According to this ECG report,cardiac pathology?

ECG Learning Center - An introduction to clinical electrocardiography

Q.36: Administering Vitamin B6 along with the TB drugs for what purpose??
     A.  to treat optic neuritis.
     B. To prevent peripheral neuropathy.

Q:37.  patient was on heparin therapy and the nurse is should be concerned to keep which drug ?
      A. vitamin K
      B. protamine sulfate.

Q:38. Diet in crohn's disease..?
        high calorie and high protein diet.

Q:39. Pain nature of ulcerative colitis?

Q.40: DOC for anaphylactic SHOCK?

Q:41. In Seckle cell anemia Deficiency .of? 
      folic acid.

Q: "42. Maternal child health day celebrate..?
      1 october
Q:43. Higher maternal mortality rate?

Q:44. GDP rate in 2017 in India?
        5.7% june2017

Q:45. Antidote of Paracetamol ?
                                                 www.prncfet.comQ.46. Position during tonsillectomy?

        Rose position.{hyperextension og neck} 

Q:47. Sign of asprin toxicity?
       ringing in ears,nausea,vomiting...

Q:48.president of TNAI ?
       Mrs. Anita A.Deodhar

Q.49. TNAI established in which year?

Q:50. Nursing intervention in post operative care for a patient with  thyroidectomy?

Q. 51. Silling test is used for.......?
      vitamin B12 absorpation.

Q:52.  Electrolyte measure with lithium therapy.?

Q:53, Sign of lead poisoning?

      intellectual disability,tingling in hands & feet.....

Q:54.Solution use for tracheotomy tube cleaning?
     hydrogen proxide

Q:55. Eradicate diseases from world?

Q:56. In infants V-P shunt FAILURE the nurse  assess first?
     crying loudly.

Q:57. Mantoux test considered  positive if  redness is more then ..?

Q.58.Which eletrolyte imbalance seen in addision;s disease?

Q.59. A7 year old child gain his weight 1.2kg in a year, this child is..?
     Growth retarded 

Q,60. Nursing intervention during placental  expulsion..?
      fundal massage/ressure.
Q.61. Fibronetin test( fFN) is used for...?
      premature delivery.

Q.62: Pulmonary pressure in bedridden patient

Q.63. Male AND FEMALE Nurse ratio in India?

Q.64. RESION behind protein rustication and renal diet to a patient with Renal Failure??

Q.65. Expected Nurses salary according to 7th pay commission ?

Q. 66.Which antiseptic solution is used to sterile  ET tube?


.Q: 68.The purpose of NG tube insertion in duodenal Ulcer.

Q:69. Priority nursing intervention After Blood transfusions 

Q:70. After gastrectomy use of NG tube..?

Q:71. Child come in emergency department....gastric lavag

 www.prncfet.comQ:72. Home care nurse HIV positive patients...?

Q:73. Lower chosterl vertebral pain ,urgency ,frequency,sign symptom related to..?

Q:74. First nurse ?

Q:75. Smartian law

Q:76. Ratio of nurse male and female in India according to who

Q:77. Position of cvp line

Q.78. Glassgocoma scale question

Q: 1 qus related to GTPAL

Q: After CHF select all apply

Q: After TURP select all apply

: Apgar score question

1 Question about abortion.

if you any question or options of any question then please comment in comment box. thanks

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