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Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 27 with Answer

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 27 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam
like AIIMS,JIPMER,PGIMER,GMCH,DSSSB,RRB,RUHS,BHU,AMU,SCTIMST,KPSC,RPSC,HPSSSB,HSSC,IGNOU ESIC and All other Staff nurse exam .you can download this question paper in pdf format link given at the end of paper.

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Q. 1 Mask like face is A typical features of _?
A. Tetanus
B. Hypothyroidism
C. Down syndrome
D. Parkinson’s disease

Q. 2 'Klebs Loeffler Bacillus' is the name of which of the following bacteria?
A. Clostridium tetani
B. Corynebacterium diphtheriae
C. Lactobacillus
D. Hemophilus influenzae

Q. 3 Majority of case of mother-to-Child (Vertical) transmission of HIV-1 Occur
during _?
A. Intrapartum period
B. Antepartum period
C. Postpartum period
D. Breastfeeding
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Q. 4 To Calculate the dose of a medicine for a child which of the following formula is
A. Young's rule
B. Clark's rule
C. Fried's rule
D. All of them

Q. 5 "Guillain Barre" Syndrome is a disease of which of the following?
A. Brain
B. Peripheral nerve
C. Spinal cord
D. All of the Above

Q. 6 Which of the following is not a parameter for 'Glasgow Coma Scale'?
A. Eye opening
B. Verbal response
C. Pupillary response
D. Motor response

Q. 7 Which of the following is not a species of plasmodium parasite?
A. Plasmodium ovale
B. Plasmodium malariae
C. Plasmodium mexicana
D. Plasmodium vivax

Q. 8 Life cycle of malarial parasite was first described by _?
A. Robert Koch
B. Ronald Ross
C. Banting and Best
D. Louis Pasteur

Q. 9 Which of the following is recommended along with intravenous administration
of Quinine sulphate for treatment of malaria?
A. Glucose
B. Multivitamin
C. Hydrocortisone
D. Calcium gluconate

Q. 10 'Rice Water stools' is a typical finding in case of __?
A. Typhoid
B. Ulcerative colitis
C. Amebiasis
D. Cholera

Q. 11 Out of the following which Hormone is secreted by the posterior pituitary
A. Growth Hormone
D. Prolactin

Q. 12 Which of the following drugs should be given first in a patient of acute
myocardial Infarction?
A. Statin
B. Aspirin
C. ACE inhibitors
D. calcium Channel blocker
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Q. 13 "McBurney's point is located in which of the following Quadrant of abdomen?
A. Right upper
B. Right Lower
C. Left lower
D. Left upper

Q. 14 'MMR vaccine' provides protection against all of the following diseases
A. Mumps
B. Meningococcal meningitis
C. Rubella
D. Rebeola

Q. 15 HIV virus belongs to which of the following groups?
A. Rhabdovirus
B. Retrovirus
C. Hepadnavirus
D. Flavivirus

Q. 16 Which of the following diseases is not transmitted by Airborne droplets?
A. Measles
B. Tuberculosis
C. Poliomyelitis
D. Chickenpox

Q. 17 Under normal circumstances, the volume of Inspired Air is __?
A. 500ml
B. 400ml
C. 300ml
D. 200ml

Q. 18 What Concentration of NaCl in Intravenous fluids is termed as Isotonic?
A. 0.25%
B. 0.45%
C. 0.75%
D. 0.90%

Q. 19 While measuring blood pressure in Upper arm, the chest piece of stethoscope is
placed over which of the following arteries?
A. Ulnar
B. Axillary
C. Brachial
D. Radial

Q. 20 How much blood is drawn from a donor when one unit of blood is donated?
A. 400ml
B. 300ml
C. 200ml
D. 100ml

Q. 21 The Ancient Name of Bayana is __?
A. Virat
B. Shri Panth
C. Kothi
D. Harauti

Q. 22 Who led the Swadeshi Movement at Sirohi, Dungarpur Mewarand Banswara?
A. Govind Giri
B. Gopal Singh kharwa
C. Arjun lal Sethi
D. Vijay Singh pathik
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Q. 23 Historical and cultural Research Institute of Arabian-persian language is
situated at _?
A. Ajmer
B. Tonk
C. Jaipur
D. Jodhpur

Q. 24 The Jaswant sagar Dam which was in the news during the mansoon 2007 is
situated in one of the following districts of __?
A. Marwar
B. Mewar
C. Vagad
D. Harauti

Q. 25 The Tradition of which Indian Music still exists in Shri nath ji temple at
A. Haveli Sangeet
B. Raagmala
C. Drupad
D. Mand

Q. 26 'Ojjihana' in Rajasthan is famous for what?
A. Temples
B. Ancient Bronze City
C. Industrial Development
D. Sahitya Academy

Q. 27 In Which district of Rajasthan the fort of 'Gagron' is situated?
A. Kota
B. Bharatpur
C. Hanumangarh
D. Jhalawar

Q. 28 Teja Animal Fair Named Veer Teja ji is being organized every year at ___?
A. Nagour
B. Ajmer
C. Parbatsar
D. Merta

Q. 29 Smt. Vasundhara Raje the Chief minister of Rajasthan inaugurated two units of
Gas based power plants on 01/09/2007 at which place.?
A. Jaipur
B. Jhalawar
C. Alwar
D. Dholpur

Q. 30 The first outbreak of the revolt of 1857 took place in Rajasthan at _?
A. Nimuch
B. Deoli
C. Nasirabad
D. Kherwara

Q. 31 Approximate difference of local time between the eastern and western most
boundary of Rajasthan is __?
A. 27 minutes
B. 35 minutes
C. 40 minutes
D. 47 minutes
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Q. 32 Which of the following, the maximum decadal growth rate of urban population
between 1991 to 2001 was the district of ___?
A. Jodhpur
B. Kota
C. Jaisalmer
D. Udaipur

Q. 33 The districts with north-South contiguity are __?
A. Kota-Bundi-Baran
B. Jalor-Pali-Ajmer
C. Ajmer-Bhilwara-Chittorgarh
D. Jaipur-Dausa-Alwar

Q. 34 The River which is not part of inland drainage is?
A. Som
B. Sabi
C. Mendha
D. Kantli

Q. 35 Select the appropriate answer from the given options D.A.R.E Programmes
have- _
A. Saved million lives
B. Not created the required awareness
C. Controlled drug abuse
D. Made people responsible

Q. 36 Find one word which means 'To Be habituated to '. The words given are?
A. Resistance
B. Addict
C. Awareness
D. Relieve

Q. 37 Fill in the blanks with the appropriate work from the given options. You should
the offer if it does not suit you.
A. Accept
B. Decline
C. Consider
D. Prefer
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Q. 38 Which one of the four given options is most suitable for filling the blank in the
The Boy ran------ the filed and reached safely home.
A. Into
B. Across
C. To
D. Within
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Q. 39 Join the following sentence using an appropriate connector from the options
She is beautiful.... She os cruel.
A. And
B. Else
C. So
D. But

Q. 40 Use one of the given options to connect the sentence :
Take precautions......... The onset of disease.
A. Before
B. Later
C. So
D. Earlier

Q. 41 Physical symptoms in Psychosomatic Disorders are caused by __?
A. Emotional Factors
B. Physical Factors
C. Genetic Factors
D. Environmental factors

Q. 42 The junction through which neurons communicate with one to another is __?
A. Dendrite
B. Axon
C. Synapse
D. Node of Ranvier

Q. 43 The cognitive changes during old age mostly affect which of the following
A. Emotions
B. Memory
C. Sentiment
D. Intelligence

Q. 44 Emotion can be expressed through which of the following?
A. Language
B. Gesture
C. Facial expressions
D. All of the Above

Q. 45 Eating behavior is controlled by ___?
A. Thyroid
B. Pancras
C. Hypothalamus
D. Adrenal glands

Q. 46 NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) will last till which year?
A. 2009
B. 2010
C. 2011
D. 2012

Q. 47 Maternal mortality rate (MMR) is expressed in terms of _
A. Per 1000000
B. Per 100000
C. Per 10000
D. Per 1000

Q. 48 In Rajasthan, approximate number of primary health centres is __
A. 2500
B. 2000
C. 1500
D. 1000

Q. 49 Which of the following is not an essential amino acid?
A. Threonine
B. Arginine
C. Alanine
D. Tryptophan

Q. 50 Preferably, lumbar puncture (L.P) is done at which of the following site?
A. T12-L1
B. L3-L4
C. L2-L3
D. L1-L2

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