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Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 30 with Answer

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 30 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam

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Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 30 with Answer

Q. 1 What is the genetic etiology of cystic fibrosis.?
A. Autosomal recessive
B. Autosomal dominant
C. Y chromosome linked
D. Spontaneous mutation

Q. 2 According to National immunization schedule, inactivated polio vaccine is a new
initiative. When you are supposed to give the dose of IPV?
A. Along with BCG
B. Along with measles
C. Along with third dose of OPV
D. Along with typhoid

Q. 3 The Nurse should realize that the angina pectoris is a sign of ?
A. Myocardial Infarction
B. Myocardial ischemia
C. Coronary thrombosis
D. Mitral insufficiency
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Q. 4 New cases in a community during a fixed period is determined by __?
A. Endemic rate
B. Incidence rate
C. Prevalence rate
D. Epidemic rate

Q. 5 Which method is used to develop scientific inquiry among learners. ?
A. Simulation
B. Case study
C. Problem solving
D. Project

Q. 6 A Newborn's failure to pass meconium within the first 24 hours after birth may
indicate which of the following __?
A. Hirschsprung disease
B. Hernia
C. Intussusception
D. Celiac disease

Q. 7 In palpating the client's abdomen, which of the following is best position for the
client to assume.?
A. Side lying
B. Supine
C. Dorsal recumbent
D. Lithotomy

Q. 8 Which of the following method where subject matter is broken down into small
frames and arranged sequentially __?
A. Simulation
B. Lecture
C. Programmed instructions
D. Demonstration

Q. 9 Considered as safest and most non-invasive method of temperature taking ____?
A. Axillary
B. Oral
C. Tympanic
D. Rectal

Q. 10 A type of educational assessment which is generally carried out throughout a
course or projects is __?
A. Criterion-referenced assessment
B. Normal assessment
C. Summative assessment
D. Formative assessment

Q. 11 The phrase used in Nursing diagnosis which is linked to the etiology is ___?
A. "Due to"
B. "Related to"
C. "As manifested by"
D. "Evidenced by"

Q. 12 What is teaching through deductive method.?
A. From Specific to general
B. From general to specific
C. From macro to micro
D. From easy to difficult

Q. 13 The ability of an instrument to achieve consistently the same results is ___?
A. Validity of instrument
B. Understandability of the Instrument
C. Perfectionalism of the instrument
D. Reliability of the instrument

Q. 14 The suggested time per hand on hand washing using the time method is. ?
A. 30 to 60 Seconds each hand
B. 15 to 30 seconds each hand
C. 10 to 15 seconds each hand
D. 5 to 10 seconds each hand

Q. 15 Demonstration method help to achieve which of the following objective__?
A. Observation
B. Psychomotor
C. Affective
D. Cognitive

Q. 16 The third period of infectious processes characterized by development of
specific signs and symptoms ___?
A. Incubation period
B. Illness period
C. Convalescent period
D. Prodromal period

Q. 17 Scientific management theory was developed by___?
A. Max weber
B. Adam Smith
C. Frederick Taylor
D. Renislikert

Q. 18 Collaboration in providing care to a group of patients by a group of Nursing
personnel under the direction of professional Nurse is ___?
A. Case method
B. Team method
C. Modular method
D. Primary method
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Q. 19 Which of the following involves all the assessment methods that occur after the
patient has been discharged.?
A. Retrospective evaluation
B. Auditing
C. Quality assurance
D. Concurrent evaluation

Q. 20 The theorist who advocated that health is the ability to maintain dynamic
equilibrium is __?
A. Cannon
B. Rogers
C. Selye
D. Berrnar

Q. 21 When teaching Mr. Layag, who has been placed on a high unsaturated faty acid
diet, the nurse should Stress the importance of increasing the intake of ___?
A. Red meats, such as beef
B. Enriched whole milk
C. Liver and other glandular organ meals
D. Vegetables and whole grains

Q. 22 Self monitoring of blood glucose for diabetes patients is on what level of
A. Primary
B. Secondary
C. Tertiary
D. None of these
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Q. 23 Comprehensive, individualized care provided by the same Nurse throughout the
period of care refers to.?
A. Team Nursing
B. Primary Nursing
C. Home health Nursing
D. Critical care Nursing

Q. 24 The four main concepts common to Nursing that appear in each of the current
conceptual models are_?
A. Person, Nutrition, Nursing, support systems
B. Person, Nursing, Environment, medicine
C. Environment, Host, person, hygiene
D. Person, health, Environment, Nursing

Q. 25 Among the following statements, should be given to HIGHEST Priority __?
A. Client with extreme pain
B. Client with temperature 40 degree Celsius
C. Client with cyanosis
D. Client with blood pressure 60/40 mmofhg

Q. 26 Which of the following statement is True About pulse __?
A. Pulse rate decreases during exercises
B. Male have higher pulse rate than females after puberty
C. Young person have higher pulse than older persons
D. In lying position pulse rate is higher

Q. 27 Which substance has the most significant effect on sodium regulation.?
B. Aldosterone level
C. Renin level
D. Serum Ph

Q. 28 A type of heat loss that occurs when the heat is dissipated by air current.?
A. Convection
B. Radiation
C. Evaporation
D. Conduction

Q. 29 Which of the following is an Objective data. ?
A. Dizziness
B. Blue Nails
C. Chest pain
D. Anxiety

Q. 30 Drug of choice in OCD.?
A. Trihexyphenidyl Cl
B. Fluoxetine
C. Diazepam
D. Haloperidol

Q. 31 Leprosy is also called as___?
A. Hartmann's disease
B. Hansen's Disease
C. Humprey's disease
D. Cholera

Q. 32 Long acting antipsychotic __
A. Chlorpromazine
B. Olanzapine
C. Clozapine
D. Haldol decanoate

Q. 33 Which of the following statements best describes the Parkinson’s disease ___?
A. Loss of myelin sheath surrounding peripheral nerves
B. Bleeding into the brain stem, resulting in meter dysfunction
C. Degeneration of the substantianigra, depleting dopamine
D. An autoimmune disorder that destroys Acetylcholine receptors

Q. 34 Which of the following conditions is an Early Symptoms commonly seen in
myasthenia Gravis.?
A. Dysphagia
B. Ptosis
C. Respiratory distress
D. Fatigue improving at the end of the day

Q. 35 In the gynecoid pelvis widest diameter of inlet is __?
A. Transverse diameter
B. Oblique diameter
C. Anero-Posterior diameter
D. All diameters are equal

Q. 36 Which of the following activities would be most appropriate for a client who
has bipolar disorder with aggressive behavior __?
A. Badminton
B. Basketball
C. Writing
D. Chess

Q. 37 The technique of exposing a client to fear producing sensation in a gradual
manner is called.?
A. Biofeedback
B. Imaging
C. Relaxation technique
D. Systematic desensitization

Q. 38 Floating tip of the iceberg represents ____?
A. Apparent case
B. Latent case
C. Clinical case
D. Undiagnosed cases

Q. 39 The Disease notifiable to the WHO under the International Regulation Act are
All EXCEPT_---_
A. Cholera
B. Diphtheria
C. Plague
D. Yellow fever

Q. 40 Quarantine is related to ___?
A. Serial interval
B. Generation time
C. Minimum incubation period
D. Maximum incubation period

Q. 41 Which of the following is not spread by Aedes mosquito __?
A. Dengue fever
B. Yellow fever
C. Chikungunya
D. Japanese Encephalitis

Q. 42 The First time interval between the invasion by an infectious agent and
appearance of the first sign and symptoms of disease ___?
A. Latent period
B. Incubation period
C. Quarantine
D. Termination period
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Q. 43 In A client with alcohol abuse, Korsakoff’s psychosis may be caused due to
deficiency of ____?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin C
C. Thiamine
D. Biacin

Q. 44 Study which proceed from effect to cause is___?
A. Case control
B. Ecological
C. Experimental
D. Cohort

Q. 45 A sub Centre in hilly area caters to a population of___?
A. 5000
B. 3000
C. 2000
D. 1000

Q. 46 The relationship of the long axis of fetus to the long axis of the uterus is ___?
A. Lie
B. Denominator
C. Presentation
D. Attitude

Q. 47 Increases level of HCG hormone is indication of __?
B. Polyhydramnios
C. Hydatidiform mole
D. Placenta previa

Q. 48 The micro organism which causes vaginitis commonly is ___?
A. E.coli
B. Streptococci
C. Candida albicans
D. Lactobacillus

Q. 49 Schizophrenia characterized by phase of stupor or excitement _?
A. Simple schizophrenia
B. Paranoid schizophrenia
C. Hebephrenic schizophrenia
D. Catatonic Schizophrenia

Q. 50 Common cause of mid trimester abortion is __?
A. Infection
B. Cervical Incompetence
C. Hormonal imbalance in mother
D. Congenital anomalies in fetus

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