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Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 36 with Answer

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 36 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam
like AIIMS,JIPMER,PGIMER,GMCH,DSSSB,RRB,RUHS,BHU,AMU,SCTIMST,KPSC,RPSC,HPSSSB,HSSC,IGNOU ESIC and All other Staff nurse exam .you can download this question paper in pdf format link given at the end of paper.

Model Paper PDF will Help You to Crack Nursing Officer Examination. These Model Papers Questions are Asked in Various Nursing Officer Exam Like AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER, DSSSB, BHU, RUHS, RPSC, AMU, ESIC, RRB, and Other Exam. 

We Make Model Questions Paper From Previous Asked Questions in Various Staff Nurse Exam.

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 36 with Answer-

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             [Total Questions  - 50 Questions with Answers]

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 36 with Answer-

Q.01 The most important need for the new born immediately after birth-
A. To provide warmth
B. To maintain circulation
C. To clear air way
D. To initiate breast feeding

Q.02 Diarrhea is more common in-
A. Lack of breast feeding
B. Artificial feeding
C. Incorrect infant feeding
D. Early weaning

Q.03 One of the biological factor which may cause mental disorder.?
A. Brain damage
B. Poverty
C. Abnormal parent child relationship
D. Alcoholism

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Q.04 The electoral college that elect the Vice-President of India consists of-
A. Members of Rajya Sabha only
B. Elected members of both Houses of Parliament
C. Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
D. Members of Rajya Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies

Q.05 One of the recipients of Nobel Prize for chemistry was Paul Modric, he belong
to which country.?
A. Sweden
B. Turkey
C. Canada

Q.06 In which year, the first socio-economic caste census started in India.?
A. 2012
B. 2011
C. 2013
D. 2014

Q.07 In which year Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
A. 2004
B. 2003
C. 2005
D. 2007

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Q.08 Venganoor was the center of activities of a great social reformer in Kerala-
A. Vaikunda Swamikal
B. Ayyankali
C. Brahmananda Shivayogi
D. Pandit Karuppan

Q.09 Which Article in the Fundamental Rights Prohibits Practice of Child Labor.?
A. Article 24
B. Article 21A
C. Article 16
D. Article 30

Q.10 The MMR vaccine is administered at the age-
A. 6 months
B. 9 months
C. 12 months
D. 15 months


Q.11 The smallest unit of the body-
A. Cell
B. Tissue
D. Muscle

Q.12 The solution used to detect sugar in urine-
A. Liquor Ammonia
B. Nitric acid
C. Benedict's Reagent
D. Sodium nitroprusside

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Q.13 Which of the following is a permanent method of sterilization.?
A. Lippies loop
B. Copper T
C. Tubectomy
D. Condom


Q.14 The hormone responsible for the secondary sex characteristic in females.
A. Oestrogen
B. Progesterone
C. Androgen
D. Relaxin

Q.15 The name given to the endometrium during pregnancy-
A. Endoderm
B. Mesoderm
C. Ectoderm
D. Decidua

Q.16 The fertilized ovum divides into a cluster of cells known as-
A. Blastocyst
B. Morula
C. Blastocele
D. Inner cell mass

Q.17 Net maternal weight gain during pregnancy-
A. 6 – 8 kg
B. 8 – 10 kg
C. 10 – 12 kg
D. 12 – 14 kg

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Q.18 The widest transverse diameter of the fetal skull passes the pelvic brim is termed
B. Presentation
C. Engagement
D. Position

Q.19 A 17-year-old receives whole body radiation as part of a preparatory regimen for
bone marrow transplantation Which of the following cells and tissues in the body is
most likely to remain unaltered by the effects of this therapeutic radiation?
A. Neurons of cerebral cortex
B. Erythropoietic cells of bone marrow
C. Small intestinal epithelium
D. Spermatogonia of testicular tubules

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Q.20 The most important function of forceps-
A. Compression
B. Traction
C. Rotation of head
D. Grasping of fetal head

Q.21 An arterial thromboembolic is most likely to produce a hemorrhagic infarct in
which organ?
A. Kidney
B. Liver
C. Lungs
D. Bone

Q.22 Amniotic fluid contains acetylcholine esterase enzymes, what is the diagnosis?
A. Osteogenesis imperfecta
B. Gastroschisis
C. Omphalocele
D. Open spina bifida

Q.23 Severe deficiency of coagulation factor IX produces a disorder-
A. Hemophilia A
B. Von Willebrand Disease type 1
C. Hemophilia B
D. Von Willebrand Disease type 2

Q.24 A case of 35 weeks pregnancy with polyhydramnios and marked respiratory
distress is managed by-
A. Amniocentesis
B. Saline infusion
C. IV furosemide

Q.25 HLA B27 is associated with-
A. Rheumatoid Arthritis
B. Osteo Arthritis
C. Ankylosing Spondylitis
D. Suppurative Arthritis

Q.26 The following are contraindications of trial labor except.
A. Elderly primi
B. Post maturity
C. Mal presentation
D. 1st degree CPD

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Q.27 Pulmonary hemorrhage syndromes are all EXCEPT.?
A. Goodpasture syndrome
B. Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis
C. Vasculitis-associated hemorrhage
D. Pulmonary embolism

Q.28 Rupture of membranes is said to be premature when it occurs at-
A. 38 weeks of pregnancy
B. 32 weeks of pregnancy
C. Prior to 1st stage of labor
D. 2nd stage of labor

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Q.29 The stain using to visualize separated DNA by gel electrophoresis is-
A. Ethidium bromide
B. Haematoxylin
D. Feulgen dye

Q.30 All of the following are characteristics of teratomas except-
A. A malignant component should be present
B. They arise from totipotential germ cells
C. They can arise in the ovary
D. Tissues resembling those from an embryo can be seen

Q.31 The most common content of hernia-en glissade-
A. Sigmoid colon
B. Omentum
C. Caecum
D. Urinary bladder

Q.32 Dagger sign in X-ray is seen in-
A. Rheumatoid arthritis
B. Flurosis
C. Ankylosing spondylitis
D. Metaphyseal dysplasia

Q.33 Which microorganism is associated with cervical cancer.?
A. Human papilloma virus
B. Cytomegalovirus
C. Mycobacterium avium
D. Pneumocystis carinii

Q.34 Fibers carried by greater splanchnic nerve-
A. Preganglionic sympathetic
B. Postganglionic sympathetic
C. Preganglionic parasympathetic
D. Postganglionic parasympathetic
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Q.35 Neural tube defects can be prevented by-
A. Supplementation with Vitamin B complex
B. Supplementation with hydantoin
C. Maternal folate supplementation
D. Prophylaxis with valproic acid

Q.36 What is the commonest cause for neonatal mortality in India.?
A. Congenital anomalies
B. Birth asphyxia
C. Sepsis
D. Prematurity

Q.37 The intravenous Anesthetic agent used for treating clinical depression is-
A. Ketamine
B. Propofol
C. Thiopentone sodium
D. Diazepam

Q.38 Hemoglobin is a coordination compound in which the central metal atom is-
A. Sodium
B. Iron
C. Manganese
D. Magnesium

Q.39 Anterior interosseous nerve supplies-
A. Flexor pollicis longus
B. Abductor pollicis longus
C. Flexor pollicis brevis
D. Flexor carpi radialis

Q.40 A condition characterized by a prolonged PR interval more than 0.2 secs in ECG
is called-
A. Second degree AV block
B. Mobiz type II AV block
C. First degree AV block
D. Complete block

Q.41 Vitamin A is mostly stored in which type of cells in the liver-
A. Hepatocyte
B. Stellate/Ito cells
C. Kupffer cells
D. All the above

Q.42 Which of the following anti-tuberculosis drug can damage the 8th cranial nerve?
A. Streptomycin
B. Paraoamino Salicylic Acid (PAS)
C. Ethambutol hydrochloride (myambutol)
D. Isoniazid

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Q.43 Earliest symptom of carcinoma vocal cord is-
A. Hoarseness
B. Stridor
C. Pain
D. Dysphagia

Q.44 Culture media sterilized by-
A. Autoclave
B. Hot air oven
C. Ethylene oxide
D. Gluteraldehyde

Q.45 Korsakoff's psychosis is due to intake of-
A. Cannabis
B. Opium
C. Amphetamine
D. Alcohol

Q.46 Which of the following is not a use of dexamethasone.?
A. Nephrotic syndrome
B. Addison's disease
C. Cushing's disease
D. Hodgkin's lymphoma

Q.47 Condition associated with autoimmune hepatitis-
A. Lymphadenopathy
B. Ulcerative colitis
C. Urticaria
D. All of the above

Q.48 Peptic ulcer of the esophagus is also called as-
A. Barrett's ulcer
B. Reiter's syndrome
C. Reflux esophagitis
D. Achalasis

Q.49 Drug used to treat H1N1 infection-
A. Imatinib
B. Natalizumab
C. Omalizumab
D. Oseltamivir

Q.50 Contraindications for using oral contraceptives-
A. Thrombophlebitis
B. Urinary tract infections
C. Ulcerative colitis
D. Menorrhagia

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