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Download AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Gr-II Exam 2019 Question Paper Answer PDF Part-B

Download AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Gr-II Exam 2019 Question Paper Answer PDF Part-B

Download AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Gr-II Exam 2019 Question Paper Answer PDF Part-B . AIIMS Delhi Conduct Nursing Officer Grade- II Recruitment Exam on September  15 2019 Exam . The Exam was Held on 15 September 2018 . Now You Can Download this Question Paper PDF with Answer Keys  from Our Website . Download Link are given below-

                                 [QUESTION PAPER IS BASED ON MEMORY ]

Hello Dear Nursing Student. Are you Preparing for competitive Nursing Exam Like AIIMS PGIMER JIPMER DSSSB RAILWAY ESIC AND MANY MORE. And Wants To Download Previous Year Staff Nurse Grade II Recruitment QUESTIONS PAPERS PDF For Reading and Improve You Competitive Examination Questions. We Know That Every Nursing Student who prepare himself for competitive nursing exam. He/she want To Download Previous Year Staff Nurse Grade II Recruitment QUESTIONS PAPERS PDF For Reading and prepare Questions For Competitive Nursing Exam. Every Nursing Student Who Completed You Nursing.. He/she Wants to Get A Good Government Job Immediately. If You Have Prepare For Competitive Nursing Exam LIKE AIIMS PGIMER JIPMER DSSSB RAILWAY ESIC etc. You Need To Review You All Nursing Subject Completely. And Continue You Study. When You Preparing For Any Competitive Examination You Need to Know About there Syllabus, Exam Pattern, selection process and more about Hiring Authority. 

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Warning for Readers- This Question Paper is prepare from memory based question answer. This Question Paper is Not Actual AIIMS Delhi Question Paper. Some Question and Their Answer may be incorrect or incomplete. We have not educate any bodies or this question paper is only informative. So, we have no responsibility of any incorrect or incomplete question answer. You can read this Question Answer on your risk and find the correct question or answer on your knowledge basis is not responsible for any missing or Incorrect or Incomplete Questions Answer .

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Q.82 Glutaraldehyde solution should be changed in- 

Answer- Every 28 days

Q.83 The Drug Bupivacaine is used for-

Answer - Nerve block

Q.84 Loading dose of MgSo4 in Eclampsia is-

Answer- 4g IV over 3 to 5 minutes Followed by 10g deep IM, 5g each buttock

Q.85 What is the purpose of using blue threaded sponges for abdominal surgeries-

Answer- It is Radio Opaque

Q.86 CEO of Microsoft is-

Answer- Satya Nadella

Q.87 Ratio of Adrenaline dilution is-

Answer- 1:1000 in 1ml

Q.88 Site for Apical pulse-

Answer- 5th intercostal space at the mid clavicle line

Q.89 Priority of Apical pulse is measured instead of carotid pulse due to the condition-

Answer- Shock

Q.90 Antidote of Opioid poisoning is-

Answer- Naloxone

Q.91 During preparation of surgery in OT before one day check list to done for-

Answer- Time Out

Q.92 Ornaments remove before surgery to prevent-

Answer- Burn cause by Cautery

Q.93 Gloves used by surgeon is Non-Latex because it can cause-

Answer- Allergy

Q.94 Inverted T wave and prominent U wave with-
Answer- 2.2 meq/L potassium

Q.95 Needle is discarded in which color of bag-

Answer- White bag

Q.96 2 pint of fluid with 125ml/hour is prescribed. How much time to complete the fluid-

Answer- 8 hours

Q.97 Ampicillin is prescribed by HCP is 150 mcg and tablets available in 0.1mg. How much tablets should give to patient-?

Answer- 1.5 Tablets

Q.98 Ryle’s Tube confirm not done by Gastric Aspiration if the patient in-

Answer- Shock Condition

Q.99 Diabetes mellitus with ketone bodies in urine blood glucose leve 720 mg/dl, CO2 level 39 is indicate-

Answer- Metabolic Acidosis

Q.100 Which is true regarding Modified ECT is-

Answer- Muscles relaxant is used

Q.101 After Blood transfusion client is showing flush on face, tachycardia and hypotension. Symptoms indicate-

Answer- Allergic Blood Reaction

Q.102 After just started blood transfusion to patient anaphylactic reaction is occur priority nursing action-

Answer- Stop Blood transfusion and Continue IV patency Normal Saline

Q.103 Patient with Ileostomy may develop-

Answer- Fluid deficiency

Q.104 Nurse off floor patient fall down and fracture bone nurse is liable for-

Answer- Negligence

Q.105 50ml fluid 30 mint gtt 15-

Answer- 25

Q.106 Dyspnea relive position is-

Answer- High Fowler's position

Q.107 Which position is used during giving enema to a adult client m-

Answer- Sim's lateral

Q.108 Central Venous catheter is used EXCEPT

Answer- Left Ventricular Pressure

Q.109 Which Antipsychotic drug cause minimum EPS-

Answer- Clozapine

Q.110 Delirium first priority-

Answer- Orientation to time, place and person

Q.111 Sponge in OT in NS temperature-
Answer- Warm water

Q.112 Trasseous Sign BP cuff pressure seen in-

Answer- Hypocalcemia

Q.113 Video showing inserting of a tube-
Answer- Ryle’s Tube

Q. 114 Neonate after 37 weeks delivered and develop a temperature of 34°C. After 72 hour what action you will take-

Answer- Newborn normal cover warm recheck temperature

Q.115 A train is running 60km/hr. Calculate how much time to go 2 km-

Answer- 2 minutes

Q.116 Railway station is 5 km east from house. Post office is 5 km south of railway station then the location of post office from home-

Answer- South East

Q.117 Order Arrangements-

Answer- River, Dam, Turbine generator, Electricity

Q.118 Order arrangements-

Answer- Crime, Police, FIR, Court Bail

Q.119 In a 50 over cricket match team B scored 5 run per over till first 30 over. Now required run rate is 10 runs per over to win. What is score of team A-?

Answer- 349

Q.120 A sit in front of B, C sit in front of A and B, D sit back of A. Who D is sit in relation to B-

Answer- Behind

Q.122 School: Teacher: Court: ?

Answer- Lawyer

Q.123 A is work 20% more than B total works is 110 then work of B is-

Answer- 50

Q.124 What sign show that the mentally unhealthy patient is prone to suicide-

Answer- See the behavioral and verbal activity in the patient

Q.125 Air and fluid collection in the lungs, it is known as-

Answer- Hydropneumothorax

Q.126 1 pint is equals to how many ml-

Answer- 500ml

Q.127 Average weight of four persons is 40kg and add one more person then average weight is 50 kg. Find the weight of 5th person-

Answer- 90 kg

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