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Practice Questions Answer part 8 For Nursing Competitive Examination are given Below Read now 

201.  A  client  with  pneumacystis  carini  pneumonia  is  receiving Methotrexate.  The  rationale  for  administering  leucovorin calcium to a client receiving Methotrexate is to:  
❍ A.  Treat anemia.  
❍ B.  Create a synergistic effect.  
❍ C.  Increase the number of white blood cells.  
❍ D.  Reverse drug toxicity.  

202.  A  client  tells  the  nurse  that  she  is  allergic  to  eggs,  dogs,  rabbits, and chicken feathers. Which order should the nurse question?  
❍ A.  TB skin test  
❍ B.  Rubella vaccine  
❍ C.  ELISA test  
❍ D.  Chest x-ray  

203.  The  physician  has  prescribed  rantidine  (Zantac)  for  a  client  with erosive gastritis. The nurse should administer the medication:  
❍ A. 30 minutes before meals 

❍ B.  With each meal  
❍ C. In a single dose at bedtime  
❍ D.  60 minutes after meals  

204.  A  temporary  colostomy  is  performed  on  the  client  with  colon  cancer.  The nurse is aware that the proximal end of a double barrel colostomy:  
❍ A.  Is the opening on the client’s left side  
❍ B.  Is the opening on the distal end on the client’s left side  
❍ C.  Is the opening on the client’s right side  
❍ D.  Is the opening on the distal right side  

205 .   While  assessing  the  postpartal client,  the  nurse  notes  that  the  fundus  is displaced  to  the  right.  Based  on  this  finding,  the  nurse  should: 
A.Ask  the  client  to  void 
B.Assess  the  blood  pressure  for hypotension 
C.Administer  oxytocin 
D.Check  for vaginal  bleeding 

206. The  physician  has  ordered  an  MRI  for  a  client  with  an  orthopedic  ail ment.  An  MRI should  not  be  done  if  the  client  has: 
❍ A.  The need for oxygen therapy  
❍ B.  A history of claustrophobia  
❍ C.  A permanent pacemaker  
❍ D.  Sensory deafness

207. A 6-month-old client is placed on strict bed rest following a hernia repair.    Which  toy  is best  suited  to  the  client? 
❍ A.  Colorful crib mobile 
❍ B.  Hand-held electronic games  
❍ C.  Cars in a plastic container  
❍ D.  30-piece jigsaw puzzle 

208   The  nurse  is  preparing  to  discharge  a  client  with  a long  history  of  polio. The  nurse  should  tell  the  client  that: 
A. Taking  a  hot  bath  will  decrease  stiffness  and  spasticity. 
B.A schedule  of  strenuous  exercise  will  improve  muscle strength. 
C.Rest  periods  should  be  scheduled 
D.Visual  disturbances  can  be  corrected  with  prescription glasses. 

209. A  client  on  the  postpartum  unit  has  a  proctoepisiotomy.  The  nurse should  anticipate  administering  which  medication? A.Dulcolax  suppository 

B.Docusate  sodium  (Colace) C.Methyergonovine  maleate  (Methergine)

D.Bromocriptine  sulfate  (Parlodel) .

210.  A client  with  pancreatic  cancer  has  an  infusion  of  TPN (Total Parenteral  Nutrition).  The  doctor has  ordered  for sliding-scale insulin. The most likely explanation for this order is:  
❍  A.  Total  Parenteral  Nutrition  leads  to  negative  nitrogen balance and elevated glucose levels.  
❍  B.  Total  Parenteral  Nutrition  cannot  be  managed  with  oral hypo-glycemics.  
❍  C.  Total  Parenteral  Nutrition  is  a  high-glucose  solution  that often elevates the blood glucose levels.  
❍ D.  Total Parenteral Nutrition leads to further pancreatic  disease. 

211.  An  adolescent  primigravida  who  is  10  weeks  pregnant attends  the  antepartal  clinic  for  a  first  check-up.  To  develop a teaching plan, the nurse should initially assess:  
❍ A.  The client’s knowledge of the signs of preterm labor 
❍ B.  The client’s feelings about the pregnancy  
❍ C.  Whether the client was using a method of birth control  
❍ D.  The client’s thought about future children  

212.  An  obstetric  client  is  admitted  with  dehydration.  Which  IV  fluid would be most appropriate for the client? 
❍ A.  .45 normal saline  
❍ B.  Dextrose 1% in water 
❍ C.  Lactated Ringer’s  
❍ D.  Dextrose 5% in .45 normal saline  

213.  The  physician  has  ordered  a  thyroid  scan  to  confirm  the diagnosis of a goiter. Before the procedure, the nurse should:  
❍ A.  Assess the client for allergies  
❍ B.  Bolus the client with IV fluid  
❍ C.  Tell the client he will be asleep  
❍ D.  Insert a urinary catheter  

214.  The  physician  has  ordered  an  injection  of  RhoGam  for  a  client  with  blood type A negative. The nurse understands that RhoGam is given to:  
❍ A.  Provide immunity against Rh isoenzymes  
❍ B.  Prevent the formation of Rh antibodies  
❍ C.  Eliminate circulating Rh antibodies  
❍ D.  Convert the Rh factor from negative to positive  

215.  The  nurse  is  caring  for  a  client  admitted  to  the  emergency  room  after  a fall.  X-rays  reveal  that  the  client  has  several  fractured  bones  in  the  foot. Which treatment should the nurse anticipate for the fractured foot?  
❍ A.  Application of a short inclusive spica cast  
❍ B.  Stabilization with a plaster-of-Paris cast  
❍ C.  Surgery with Kirschner wire implantation  
❍ D.  A gauze dressing only  

216.  A  client  with  bladder  cancer  is  being  treated  with  iridium  seed  implants. The nurse’s discharge teaching should include telling the client to: 
❍ A.  Strain his urine  
❍ B.  Increase his fluid intake  
❍ C.  Report urinary frequency  
❍ D.  Avoid prolonged sitting  

217.  Following  a  heart  transplant,  a  client  is  started  on  medication  to prevent  organ  rejection.  Which  category  of  medication  prevents the formation of antibodies against the new organ?  
❍ A.  Antivirals  
❍ B.  Antibiotics

❍ C.Immunosuppressants  
❍ D.  Analgesics  

218.  The  nurse  is  preparing  a  client  for  cataract  surgery.  The  nurse is aware that the procedure will use:  ❍ A.  Mydriatics to facilitate removal  ❍ B.  Miotic medications such as Timoptic  ❍ C.  A laser to smooth and reshape the lens  ❍ D.  Silicone oil injections into the eyeball  

219.  A client  with  Alzheimer’s  disease  is  awaiting  placement  in  a skilled  nurs-ing  facility.  Which  long-term  plans  would  be  most therapeutic for the client?  ❍ A.  Placing mirrors in several locations in the home  ❍ B.  Placing a picture of herself in her bedroom  ❍  C.  Placing  simple  signs  to  indicate  the  location  of  the bedroom, bathroom, and so on  ❍  D.   Alternating  healthcare  workers  to  prevent  boredom   

220.  A  client  with  an  abdominal  cholecystectomy  returns  from  surgery  with  a Jackson-Pratt drain. The chief purpose of the Jackson-Pratt drain is to:  ❍ A.  Prevent the need for dressing changes  ❍ B.  Reduce edema at the incision  ❍ C.  Provide for wound drainage  ❍ D.  Keep the common bile duct open  

221.  The  nurse  is  performing  an  initial  assessment  of  a  newborn Caucasian  male  delivered  at  32  weeks  gestation.  The  nurse can expect to find the presence of:  ❍ A.  Mongolian spots  ❍ B.  Scrotal rugae  ❍ C.  Head lag  ❍ D.  Polyhydramnios  

222.  The  nurse  is  caring  for  a  client  admitted  with  multiple  trauma. Fractures  include  the  pelvis,  femur,  and  ulna.  Which  finding should be reported to the physician immediately?  ❍ A.  Hematuria  ❍ B.  Muscle spasms  ❍ C.  Dizziness  ❍ D.  Nausea  

223.  A client  is  brought  to  the  emergency  room  by  the  police.  He  is  combative and  yells,  ―I  have  to  get  out  of  here.  They  are  trying  to  kill  me.‖  Which assessment is most likely correct in relation to this statement?  ❍ A.  The client is experiencing an auditory hallucination.  ❍ B.  The client is having a delusion of grandeur.  ❍ C.  The client is experiencing paranoid delusions.  ❍ D.  The client is intoxicated.  

224.  The  nurse  is  preparing  to  suction  the  client  with  a  tracheotomy. The  nurse  notes  a  previously  used  bottle  of  normal  saline  on  the client’s  bed-side  table.  There  is  no  label  to  indicate  the  date  or time of initial use. The nurse should:  ❍ A.  Lip the bottle and use a pack of sterile 44 for the dressing  ❍  B.  Obtain  a  new  bottle  and  label  it  with  the  date  and  time of first use  ❍ C.  Ask the ward secretary when the solution was requested  ❍ D.  Label the existing bottle with the current date and time  

225.  An  infant’s  Apgar  score  is  9  at  5  minutes.  The  nurse  is  aware that the most likely cause for the deduction of one point is:  ❍ A.  The baby is hypothermic.  ❍ B.  The baby is experiencing bradycardia. ❍ C.  The baby’s hands and feet are blue.  ❍ D.  The baby is lethargic.  

226.  The  primary  reason  for  rapid  continuous  rewarming  of  the  area affected by frostbite is to:  ❍ A.  Lessen the amount of cellular damage  ❍ B.  Prevent the formation of blisters  ❍ C.  Promote movement  ❍ D.  Prevent pain and discomfort  

227.  A client  recently  started  on  hemodialysis  wants  to  know  how the dialysis  will  take  the  place  of  his  kidneys.  The  nurse’s  response is based on the knowledge that hemodialysis works by:  ❍ A.  Passing water through a dialyzing membrane  ❍ B.  Eliminating plasma proteins from the blood  ❍ C.  Lowering the pH by removing nonvolatile acids ❍ D.  Filtering waste through a dialyzing membrane  
228.  During  a  home  visit,  a  client  with  AIDS  tells  the  nurse  that  he  has  been exposed to measles. Which action by the nurse is most appropriate?  ❍ A.  Administer an antibiotic  ❍ B.  Contact the physician for an order for immune globulin  ❍ C.  Administer an antiviral  ❍ D.  Tell the client that he should remain in isolation for 2 weeks  

229.  A  client  hospitalized  with  MRSA  is  placed  on  contact  precautions.  Which statement is true regarding precautions for infections spread by contact?  ❍ A.  The client should be placed in a room with negative pressure.  ❍  B.  Infection  Requires  close  contact;  therefore,  the door may remain open. ❍  C.  Transmission  is  highly  likely,  so  the  client  should wear a mask at all times.  ❍  D.  Infection  Requires  skin-to-skin  contact  and  is prevented  by  hand  washing,  gloves,  and  a  gown.   

230. A  client  who  is  admitted  with  an  abovetheknee  amputation  tells  the nurse  that  his  foot  hurts  and  itches.  Which  response  by  the  nurse  indi cates  understanding  of  phantom  limb  pain? ❍ A.The pain will go away in a few days. ❍  B.The  pain  is  due  to  peripheral  nervous  system interruptions. I will get you some pain medication.❍  C.The  pain  is  psychological  because  your  foot  is  no longer there.❍  D.The  pain  and  itching  are  due  to  the  infection  you  had before the surgery.

231. A client with cancer of the pancreas has undergone a Whipple procedure. The  nurse  is  aware  that  during  the  Whipple  procedure,  the  doctor will remove the: ❍  A.  Head of the pancreas ❍  B.  Proximal third section of the small intestines ❍  C.  Stomach and duodenum ❍  D.  Esophagus and jejunum 

232. The  physician  has ordered  a  minimalbacteria  diet for  a client  with  neu tropenia.  The  client  should  be  taught  to  avoid  eating: A.Fruits B.Salt C.Pepper D.Ketchup 

233.A  client  is  discharged  home  with  a  prescription  for  Coumadin  (sodium warfarin).  The  client  should  be  instructed  to:  A.Have a  Protime  done  monthly B.Eat  more  fruits  and  vegetables C.Drink  more  liquids D.Avoid  crowds 

234.The  nurse  is  assisting  the  physician  with  removal  of  a  central  venous catheter.  To  facilitate  removal,  the  nurse should  instruct  the  client  to ;❍ A.  Perform the Valsalva maneuver as the catheter is advanced  ❍ B.  Turn his head to the left side and hyperextend the neck  ❍ C.  Take slow, deep breaths as the catheter is removed  ❍  D.  Turn  his  head  to  the  right  while  maintaining  a sniffing  position   

235.  A  client  has  an  order  for  streptokinase.  Before  administering  the medica-tion, the nurse should assess the client for:  ❍ A.  Allergies to pineapples and bananas  ❍ B.  A history of streptococcal infections  ❍ C.  Prior therapy with phenytoin  ❍ D.  A history of alcohol abuse  

236.  The  nurse  is  providing  discharge  teaching  for  the  client  with leukemia. The client should be told to avoid:  ❍ A.  Using oil- or cream-based soaps  ❍ B.  Flossing between the teeth  ❍ C.  The intake of salt  ❍ D.  Using an electric razor  

237.  The  nurse  is  changing  the  ties  of  the  client  with  a  tracheotomy. The safest method of changing the tracheotomy ties is to:  ❍ A.  Apply the new tie before removing the old one.  ❍ B.  Have a helper present. ❍  C.  Hold  the  tracheotomy  with  the  nondominant  hand while removing the old tie.  ❍ D.  Ask the doctor to suture the tracheostomy in place.  

238.  The  nurse  is  monitoring  a  client  following  a  lung  resection.  The hourly  output  from  the  chest  tube  was  300mL.  The  nurse should give priority to:  ❍ A.  Turning the client to the left side  ❍ B.  Milking the tube to ensure patency  ❍ C.  Slowing the intravenous infusion  ❍ D.  Notifying the physician  

239.  The  infant  is  admitted  to  the  unit  with  Tetralogy  of  Fallot. The nurse would anticipate an order for which medication?  

❍ A.  Digoxin  ❍ B.  Epinephrine  ❍ C.  Aminophyline  ❍  D.   Atropine   

241.  The  toddler  is  admitted  with  a  cardiac  anomaly.  The  nurse  is aware that the infant with a ventricular septal defect will:  ❍ A.  Tire easily  ❍ B.  Grow normally  ❍ C.  Need more calories  ❍ D.  Be more susceptible to viral infections  

242.  The  nurse  is  monitoring  a  client  with  a  history  of  stillborn  infants.  The nurse is aware that a nonstress test can be ordered for this client to:  ❍ A.Determine lung maturity  ❍ B.Measure the fetal activity 

❍ C.  Show the effect of contractions on fetal heart rate  ❍ D.Measure the well-being of fetus 

245.  A client  with  clotting  disorder  has  an  order to  continue  Lovenox (enoxa-parin) injections  after  discharge.  The  nurse  should  teach the client that Lovenox injections should: ❍ A.Be injected into the deltoid muscle  ❍ B.  Be injected into the abdomen  ❍ C.  Aspirate after the injection  ❍ D.  Clear the air from the syringe before injections  

246.  The  nurse  has  a  preop  order  to  administer  Valium  (diazepam) 10mg  and  Phenergan  (promethazine) 25mg.  The  correct  method of administering these medications is to:  ❍ A.  Administer the medications together in one syringe  ❍ B.  Administer the medication separately  ❍  C.  Administer  the  Valium,  wait  5  minutes,  and  then inject the Phenergan  ❍  D.  Question  the  order  because  they  cannot  be  given  at the same time  

247.  A  client  with  frequent  urinary  tract  infections  asks  the  nurse  how  she can prevent the reoccurrence. The nurse should teach the client to:  

❍ A.  Douche after intercourse  

❍ B.  Void every 3 hours  ❍ C.  Obtain a urinalysis monthly❍ D.  Wipe from back to front after voiding  

248. Which task should be assigned to the nursing assistant?  
❍ A.  Placing the client in seclusion  
❍ B.  Emptying the Foley catheter of the preeclamptic client  
❍ C.  Feeding the client with dementia  
❍ D.  Ambulating the client with a fractured hip  

249.  The  client  has  recently  returned  from  having  a  thyroidectomy. The nurse should keep which of the following at the bedside?  
❍ A.  A tracheotomy set  
❍ B.  A padded tongue blade ❍ C.  An endotracheal tube 
❍ D.  An airway  

250.   The  physician  has  ordered  a  histoplasmosis  test  for  the  elderly  client The  nurse  is  aware  that histoplasmosis  is  transmitted  to  humans  by;




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